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Products & Services

Services to promote Corporate Social Responsibility focused on the promotion of the individual


CRESE Certificate of Human Quality and Social Responsibility

This certificate is awarded to companies that implement the CRESE Standard (Human Quality and Social Responsibility)


Blue and Silver Responsible Business Distinction

Distinction awarded to companies that have implemented initial actions of human quality and social responsibility, focused on the promotion of the individual.

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NOM 035 STPS 2018 Compliance Report (Mexico)

Inspection and compliance opinion for NOM 035 STPS 2018 with two years official validity.

Disruptive services

Siempre estamos desarrollando y experimentando con servicios nuevos para promover a la persona


Blue Token for websites
(NFT - Blockchain Technology)

NFT (Non Fungible Token) based on Blockchain technology, to recognize web pages with content that promotes people and environmental care.


Certificate of Economy based on Solidarity for Indigenous People

Certificate endorsed by the Mexxian Indigenous Government and the Consejo Latinoamericano de Calidad Humana y Responsabilidad Social, A.C. to promote a fair economy and the sale of products from indigenous people.

Does not exist yet

This service does not exist yet, but we are constantly thinking of new ways to promote the person. We invite you to stay in touch.

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